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Odds, Bills and Sushi

Two friends go get a sushi dinner.  The menu is extensive with lots of items.  The two friends both order all different items.  The bills come back and are exactly the same.  What are the odds? Hanabi in Austin, Texas.

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Titman v. Austin

Please go to for all updates and info on my legal battle. Why I’m Suing the City of Austin, Texas On September 15, 2016 I filed a lawsuit against the city of Austin and members of the Austin Police … Continue reading

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January 2017

  New Years resolution: Be more productive The new year started in downtown Fort Worth, Texas.  Typical new years celebrations at Sundance Square in the center of the city.  There is a lot more going on in downtown Fort Worth … Continue reading

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Hope Conference NYC 2016

I attended the H.O.P.E (Hackers On Planet Earth) conference this past July in New York.  Interesting speakers with talks on a wide range of subjects including : Smart Cities and Blockchains: New Techno-Utopian Dreams or Nightmares?, Chinese Mechanical Locks – … Continue reading

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Japanese Baseball Team Names

Somewhat interesting…  Looking through some current events on Wikipedia I came across the headline that the Hokkaido Nippon Ham had beaten the Hiroshima Carp to win the Japanese World Series.  So the Ham beat the Carp.  For some reason I … Continue reading

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Wrong Phone Text Message…

 My response to a wrong number text recently…  

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Rob Ford & Canadian Politics

Rob Ford – I’m not sure what the great accomplishment of this Politico that makes Rob Ford one of more memorable Canadian men of government.  Memorable Canadians of government, how many are there?  I vividly remember around ten years ago … Continue reading

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Remove Jackson: Victory!

Harriet Tubman set replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 Bill.   Remove Jackson was launched on December 3, 2011 and it quickly put the gears in motion for yesterdays announcement of the removal of Andrew Jackson and replacement with Harriet … Continue reading

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Local Boy Makes Good!

#Inspired! Local Boy Makes Good…. Saw this a few months ago in the Austin American Statesman newspaper.  This is the state of local news.

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New York Self-Parody?

I admit I am sort of a collector/hoarder of Newspapers.  I particular like free papers which I pick up and then put in my bag and don’t get to for a few months.  One paper which I picked up in … Continue reading

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Roswell, New Mexico: UFO Museum

Driving from Austin,TX to Santa Fe, New Mexico a stop at the Roswell, New Mexico UFO Museum is an interesting and educational stop.  

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High School Guess Speakers

#BeSomebody Speaker Draws Controversy at Austin High School ….Happy this is being ridiculed. The guy leaves his good job implying money and a better lifestyle are evil to then raise a million dollars from venture capital to start a movement … Continue reading

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Kim Jong Film

Ok I know I am a little late on this… I guess about two months ago it was widely claimed that North Korea hacked into the computers of Sony’s film division and released thousands of sensitive documents and some unreleased … Continue reading

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Austin Texas journalism Going Down Hill

Seems to me that print journalism has been going down hill.  In particular my local Austin American Statesman paper has been on the slide.

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Best Leader During a Health Emergency

Barak Obama and Mitt Romney at Chipotle….  Maybe the common poll question should be changed from “Who would you rather get a Beer with?” to “Who would you rather get Chipotle with?”  And remember Ebola is Deadly!   And the … Continue reading

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