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Odds, Bills and Sushi

Two friends go get a sushi dinner.  The menu is extensive with lots of items.  The two friends both order all different items.  The bills come back and are exactly the same.  What are the odds? Hanabi in Austin, Texas.

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Titman v. Austin

Please go to for all updates and info on my legal battle. Why I’m Suing the City of Austin, Texas On September 15, 2016 I filed a lawsuit against the city of Austin and members of the Austin Police … Continue reading

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January 2017

  New Years resolution: Be more productive The new year started in downtown Fort Worth, Texas.  Typical new years celebrations at Sundance Square in the center of the city.  There is a lot more going on in downtown Fort Worth … Continue reading

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Wrong Phone Text Message…

 My response to a wrong number text recently…  

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Local Boy Makes Good!

#Inspired! Local Boy Makes Good…. Saw this a few months ago in the Austin American Statesman newspaper.  This is the state of local news.

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When Not to Put the Law First

…. OK I admit I am a little slow at reposing this response to a July 2 column from the Austin American Statesman writer Ken Herman. I take issue not with gay marriage but with the idea of blindly following … Continue reading

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High School Guess Speakers

#BeSomebody Speaker Draws Controversy at Austin High School ….Happy this is being ridiculed. The guy leaves his good job implying money and a better lifestyle are evil to then raise a million dollars from venture capital to start a movement … Continue reading

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Austin Texas journalism Going Down Hill

Seems to me that print journalism has been going down hill.  In particular my local Austin American Statesman paper has been on the slide.

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Hong Kong and Democracy

A little late on this but I was reminded that I had already written this when the United States had its own elections.  I believe I wrote this on October 8 in response to a Jeremi Suri article about the protest in … Continue reading

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Car is Dead…No more…

So long old friend it was good while it lasted.  Some said you would not last long after being hit in the parking lot at Chipotle but we showed em.  Other people saw your flaws (1. The guys who knocked … Continue reading

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About 58 hours left for the free Ross Ulbricht legal defense fund Indiegogo campaign .  With $5,498 raised so far I think it is less than what was hoped but something.  My own donating was a little late (last night).  … Continue reading

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…And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead

I got a last minute text invite from an old friend Thursday night last week.  I was alerted that a band that I had sadly not listened to in years was going to play in about an hour downtown Austin.  … Continue reading

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Mango 1998-2014

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Hummer H3 With The Bumper Stickers You Would Expect

O the advantages of having a handy camera phone in your pocket all the time.  The photo was taken 2/6/2014 on loop 360 in Austin, TX.

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