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Helmut Schmidt – German Chancellor

Unpublished and written sometime ago… German Chancellor Helmut Schmitt died a few weeks ago at 96. I had not read much about Helmut Schmitt before his death but after reading a bit about the man I found him be an … Continue reading

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Titman v. Austin

Please go to for all updates and info on my legal battle. Why I’m Suing the City of Austin, Texas On September 15, 2016 I filed a lawsuit against the city of Austin and members of the Austin Police … Continue reading

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Cologne, Germany 2013

Picking up from where I left off from Blogging on a Summer Trip to Euro 2013.  I had left Amsterdam and headed to Cologne, Germany. I was still Jet lagged and remember waking up at 5 am in the Amsterdam … Continue reading

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Santa Cruz, Jan 2017

A day trip to Santa Cruz, California. There isn’t as much of an issue that some might think telling Texans I was born in California.  Yet there is sometimes controversy when meeting other Californians.  The question usually arises North Cali … Continue reading

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Swiss Tunnels and Infrastructure Spending

I have become more and more skeptical about how strong the links are between infrastructure spending and economic growth/strength.  What got me thinking about this recently was the opening last June of longest and deepest tunnel in the world, the … Continue reading

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January 2017

  New Years resolution: Be more productive The new year started in downtown Fort Worth, Texas.  Typical new years celebrations at Sundance Square in the center of the city.  There is a lot more going on in downtown Fort Worth … Continue reading

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Fidel Castro… It is interesting to note that in his first year in control of Cuba Castro actually had good relations with the United States.  He visited the USA and even had good things to say about Ricard Nixon.  Things … Continue reading

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Hope Conference NYC 2016

I attended the H.O.P.E (Hackers On Planet Earth) conference this past July in New York.  Interesting speakers with talks on a wide range of subjects including : Smart Cities and Blockchains: New Techno-Utopian Dreams or Nightmares?, Chinese Mechanical Locks – … Continue reading

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Japanese Baseball Team Names

Somewhat interesting…  Looking through some current events on Wikipedia I came across the headline that the Hokkaido Nippon Ham had beaten the Hiroshima Carp to win the Japanese World Series.  So the Ham beat the Carp.  For some reason I … Continue reading

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I watched this instead of the Presidential “Debate” – San Miguel, MX

I have been assured by many this was a better use of time.                                          

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Some more Refugee thoughts with video

I have been thinking again about the controversy in the United States around the issue of Refugees.  The United States recently hit Obama’s goal of bringing in Syrian Refugees. I wrote some thoughts on this in November last year in the … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Currency Investing 9.7.2016

Article: JIM ROGERS: ‘If we all bought North Korean currency, we’d all be rich someday’ Friend: Yeah, I think it’s a bit more complicated than they make it out to be.  Syrian pound went up 20% after Bashar took power … Continue reading

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Oakland – Lake Merritt

Oakland – Lake Merritt Interesting scenic lake to wander around next to downtown Oakland.

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Postwar: Retribution

Post War 2. Retribution In Western Europe where real resistance had actually been some of the least in WWII the myth of resistance mattered most. Milices Patriotiques “Collaboration Horizontale” Hiroshima mon amour By April 1946 (Post WWII) 1,200 Jews were … Continue reading

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Postwar: The Legacy of War

Post War The Legacy of War “Everywhere there is a craving for miracles and cures.  The war has pushed the Neapolitans back to the middle ages”. – Norman Lewis,  Naples ’44 In September 1944 there were 7,487,000 foreigners working in … Continue reading

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