About Those Syrian Refugees…

The World is a Mess.

It does not seem like a crazy idea to me that a group like ISIS who have expressed a strong interest in carrying out attacks in the west could blend into refugees fleeing the war zones of Syria and Iraq.  Many who expressed this view have been treated like it so but less now after the Paris attacks of last week.  Europe seems overwhelmed with refugees currently and does not seem to have the resources to figure out who everyone is.  Just how could you?  Maybe you could figure out where they are from but what else?  Germany alone expects 1.5 million refugees just in 2015.  Yes the situation in Syria is tragic but most of the refugees are coming from mostly stable camps in Turkey and many are not even Syrian.

I do believe what many European governments are doing is dangerous for everyone involved not just the European population at risk from an ISIS attack.  One question that I have not figure out is why if your going to let in the migrants and then let them stay why make these people go through an extremely dangerous journey where drowning, extortion and chaos is common?  Is it really so humanitarian to promise so much only once a deadly journey is completed?  The journey still does not seem to be that much of a detraction for the chance of making it to a country like Germany or Sweden.  The good intentions of European governments are not solving any problems and could possibly cause much more problems in the future.

Now with the United State taking in refugees we have seemed to have hit the Godwin’s Law stage of the debate with articles like “What Americans thought of Jewish refugees on the eve of World War II”.  The headline made me think: Yes but what do you think the actual Jewish refugees and their children which make up the population of Israel think about hosting Syrian refugees?

I don’t think what the writer is getting at is a great analogy. Taking in Syrian refugees today from areas which are sort of at war with the USA wouldn’t be like taking Jewish refugees in, it would be like taking Japanese or German refugees in the middle of WW2.  Most Japanese during that time and some Germans found themselves in camps in the desert.  I do find it interesting how in the United States the Holocaust is a tragedy for humanity vs Israel in which the Holocaust is a tragedy for the Jewish people. This is why I don’t think there will be any Muslim Syrian refugees on the beaches of Tel Aviv any time soon.  With Israeli history the government there is taking precautions that the USA or Europe are not.

The USA seems to be a lot more successful at the integration of populations from different backgrounds than many other countries.  Europe has had trouble with this.  The USA also would have a lot more information on the backgrounds of who would be let in to the country.  The location of the war and some logistical issues have prevented Syrian refugee boat people coming to American shores.  Still you can never be 100% certain about anyone and there have been attacks and planned attacks from people coming to the USA from more unstable parts of the world.  One thing for certain with me is if I were in Syria I would be trying to leave.




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