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Saudi Arabia still today

Saudi Arabia still today

When It Comes to Beheadings, ISIS Has Nothing Over Saudi Arabia

– “decapitations are routine in Saudi Arabia, America’s closest Arab ally, for crimes including political dissent—and the international press hardly seems to notice. In fact, since January, 59 people have had their heads lopped off in the kingdom, where “punishment by the sword” has been practiced for centuries. “

– According to British author John R. Bradley, public beheadings are the “only form of public entertainment” in Saudi Arabia, aside from football matches.

-“But if you were accused of banditry or drug smuggling, like seven Yemenis who were beheaded last year, your corpse will also be crucified.  “

-“31 people were beheaded between August 4 and September 22, when the last victim was beheaded, for “sorcery.”

-“Iran, part of what President George W. Bush called “an axis of evil,” has, in fact, a far more democratic political process than Saudi Arabia.  “

Cuban migrants drank own blood, urine, adrift at sea for 23 days

– This is an unfair article because it does not discuss the thousands that die every year on boats trying to get from Miami to Cuba!

-“Six passengers are missing after they tried to swim to shore, while 11 others died of dehydration.”

-“Cuban officials have not commented on the illegal boat departures, but blame the U.S. policy for encouraging migrants to risk their lives.” < I agree with the Cubans on this point.

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