Best Leader During a Health Emergency

Barak Obama and Mitt Romney at Chipotle….  Maybe the common poll question should be changed from “Who would you rather get a Beer with?” to “Who would you rather get Chipotle with?”  And remember Ebola is Deadly!

Mitt Romney at Chipotle

Mitt Romney at Chipotle


And the President of the United States and Leader of the Free World….

Barack Obama at Chipotle

Barack Obama at Chipotle

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3 Responses to Best Leader During a Health Emergency

  1. M man says:

    Great post, I can not believe barack would reach over like that, what the hell does he think the point of the glass is for.

    Mitt who accomplished so much in his life we lost out on for barack someone who never worked for private business.

  2. Yet another example of executive over reach by Obama. smh…

  3. Jw1438 says:

    I don't see the point in cussing because he was probably told to pose for the picture. Even still, people think contagious diseases don't spread easily but maybe there's just too much misinformation.

    For those who don't understand what's wrong with the Obama picture; it's the fact that his mouth is angled directly towards the food so any raspy exhalation, cough, or sneeze could cause his bacteria to coat the top of most of the food in front of him and begin growing.
    Looks like a perfect climate for bacterial growth, a warm damp place just like you see in the canisters below Obama's mouth. Bacteria does not take a long time to replicate in most cases (and sometimes as fast as 20 mins to double) and it goes for anyone's bacteria, not just the President of the United States.

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