Credentials are Everything

You always meet interesting people with interesting stories in Hostels. In my room in Amsterdam I met a very friendly (maybe too friendly, might of been on something…) guy from Hong Kong. He had been studying for 3 years “hospitality” in Luzern, Switzerland and hoped to get a job at a Hotel somewhere. He was taking a quick trip to see Amsterdam. I asked what you learn at hospitality school and he told me really nothing. He said he just learned to be “hospitable” but the German classes he took were valuable. The School got him a long term visa to Europe and “CREDENTIALS”. Credentials seem to be needed for everything these days even to be a hotel receptionists in Bangkok. I see more and more minor jobs openings that only want you to apply if you have a certain degree. Credentials are everything these days.

…..My suspicions grew that the Hong Konger was on something when he was throwing up at 5am in the morning…  Always stuff like that in Amsterdam Hostels.

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